Jumat, 23 Maret 2012

First Project : RIEKKYE "Do It"

In November 2011, RIEKKYE started his first solo project with helping hands of his friends (Poy TOF, Leipe, Naya, Upa Airis, etc). The name of his first project is "Do It". This project will compose some songs into one album "Do It" which hopely can expose his experiences as a multi genre singer. Each songs in the album will represent some music genre. The idea is just like a compilation album. RIEKKYE will try to performance in rock, pop, reggae, britpop, etc. 
The album will be produced and distributed independently under his own management. RIEKKYE and friends, just want to satisfy themself by making their own music idealistically and independently. It doesn't matter if this project will not earn money and fame, they just want their music to be heard, that's it !
Right now, this project is still running and soon it will be released. As a plan, it will be released in the mid of 2012. 

Introducing : RIEKKYE

RIEKKYE is a talented singer from Bandar Lampung, Indonesia. He begun his career in his very young age by joining D4R Band. He did dig lots experience by competing in some local music festivals and events. Other bands he joined then were DAS Band and Zahara Band. Now he still a singer of Airis Band and One-kustik.
He regularly sings in some cafes. He grew up from cafe to cafe in Indonesia : Cafe Amigos Serang, Cafe Hotel Merdeka Riau, Cafe Rebond Kalimantan Timur and Cafe Atmosphere Bandar Lampung. He also teaches music for elementary school kids in Bandar Lampung : SD Xaverius, SDN 2 Rawa Laut and SD 2 Tanjung Bintang.
With some experiences as singer, in 2011, he began to start his solo project with some friends (Poy TOF, Leipe, Naya, Upa Airis, etc). He wants to dig his experiences and evolves. He wants to give a prove that he can be a multi genre singer and can make a good music.  Then, he wants to share his music to the world and hope everyone will like his works.

"...not much I bring..but so much I want to give..."